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Website Link

Here is the link to my website for the film. I created the film using I used as many features as I could. I followed the codes and conventions from the website created for Maze Runner.


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I added an “About” page to my website as it was done on the Maze Runner website. It gives details about my short film.


For my ancillary task of website making, I analysed the website developed for the Maze Runner series. I chose Maze Runner as it is also my case study for component 2: Institutions and Audiences.

The website contained details about the cast of the film. It introduced the audience to the important details of the film which included production facts. It also contained the film’s official trailer released by the 20th Century Fox.

The website had shots from the film which intended to create audience engagement.

Screenshot (21)


The website was an essential marketing tool containing important links to the social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. This allowed the production house to reach many more viewers for the film.

It also had the option of downloading the official film covers which could be used as wallpapers or printed as posters for the sci-fi enthusiastic target audience.

Screenshot (20)

The website contained important details such as release dates. It also included a synopsis for the viewers who are not already familiar  with the film. It enabled them to enlarge their market size.

Screenshot (23)

The audience has been given a chance to engage with the WCKD, an integral part of the film, through KIK which is another social media application. Suspense has also been created to attract more viewers.

Screenshot (22)


In today’s globalized world, social media is widely used and thus the website has been effectively used to attract potential audience. Memes are the main attraction in today’s age and they have been used well to involve the audience and expand the market.

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