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Below is the step by step pictorial of the construction of my post card. I worked on both the front and the back sides of the post card. For the front, I used an image from the shooting process. The back of the post card goes in line with the post card codes and conventions.

Back Side 

Screenshot (17)


Screenshot (18)

Screenshot (50)

Front Side

Screenshot (51)

I used shades of pink as the main character of my film is a female. The color pink has been used to connote feminist nature of the short film. However, it does not aim to confine the target audience to females only.


Ellensburg Film Festival

I researched about the Ellensburg film festival while analyzing the post card and found information about the event organizers and their charges for the screening of each short film. I also realized that the event gets sponsored by many organizations and that they had been highlighted clearly on the event website.

Post card Analysis 1

The post card that i analysed below is of Ellensburg film festival: “an event that draws film lovers from throughout the northwest and other regions to the Kittitas Valley each year.” They seek a variety of films including national and international features, shorts and documentaries and have a special interest in their regional film makers. analysis-1