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Below is my work timeline that i intend to follow for the timely completion of my Advanced Portfolio.

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The genre of my short film is inspirational fiction. It is a narrative. The story revolves around a girl who is afraid of failure and throughout the video, she tries to overcome her fear. One of the best ways to overcome fear is to try what you are afraid of. The girl in the film is an immensely talented writer but afraid of the labels she might receive, fails to take herself seriously. She comes across a career- defining writing competition and after great insistence from her friend, she finally decides to take part in it. The main message portrayed in the story is how we often step back from achieving something great: an experience or a way of learning, when we are given an opportunity to showcase our talent assuming that there might be hundred more people better than us. Having failed a couple times, we lose enthusiasm in participating in something.


This story also highlights the need of identifying what inspires us the most for inspiration is what drives us towards achieving success without losing interest halfway. Being inspired provides us with a will to accomplish something in life. Only when we find true inspiration do we stop caring about what labels the world has to impose on us. The source of inspiration for the main character in the story is simply nature. Being a writer, the tranquility of nature is what inspires her to sway her pen across the paper and create an original writing with meaning.


The target audience for this short film is the teenage. This is because, usually, teenagers suffer from anxiety and a fear of failure, a fear of being negatively judged, a fear of being embarrassed in front of friends. This age often confuses being criticized with being insulted which is utterly incorrect. Therefore, my short film intends to create a line between the two and promotes the view that failure is still a step ahead from where we are right now. It instills in people the will to move forward in life and explains that we never fail but we learn.