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Idea 2

After conducting a feasibility plan, i realized that I needed to make certain changes to my scenes in order to maintain realism and complete the final video in time. I made a second story board which contained more or less the same scenes, only improvised. I retained the idea of flashback as it made the idea seem professional. I changed later scenes which made it easier to shoot while attaining the required quality. Attached below is my second story board:


The first scene of the film is the same as before. However, i have used a different angle than before due to lighting issues that i faced previously. I also change the angle to add more of the book rack in the background rather than plane white walls. The angle allowed me to add more people in the background which made the room look packed.

Scene 1 is about the writer’s book signing organized by “exclusive publishers”. The scene is of the present time. Below is a shot of the first scene:



The protagonist goes into a series of flashbacks and thinks about her journey to this very point. The second scene goes in completer contrast with the first one. In the second scene the girl has been shown failing an English writing test. She is faced with anxiety and stress as opposed with what was  seen earlier.



The third scene is where the writer goes out in open field and observes nature. Nature serves to be the girl’s source of inspiration. The peace and calmness helps her overcome the stress of failure.
For this scene, i went to a park next to our school and took as many shots as i could of the place in my first visit as the school’s management was reluctant to send students beyond the school premises. I managed to get some good shots in the first attempt and was satisfied with the results.

Screenshot (7).png

The fourth scene shows how the girl finds out about the writing competition on her school’s main notice board. I used a different notice board as before; however, it was in the same corridor. It was opposite the previous notice and could be seen in the following picture.  This was because this board had more details about events and I thought it would be a better option.

The next scene that i intend to use will be from the girl’s room where she will compare her writings with her failed exam and decide about her participation in the event. This will be a turning point as the girl will decide to move forward with the participation since it promises a book published as the winning prize. The scene reflects how she did not let a failed exam confine herself from achieving something great and decided to take a chance. It will include details about how she starts typing her work and finally mails it on the respective id.

The room that i will be using for this purpose will be the art room in our school as it has good lighting and a wide table that could be shown as her main study area. Previously, i intended to use a table lamp to add more light. The light in the art room, however, was sufficient to shoot this scene.
Screenshot (9).png


The next scene will show the girl receiving news about her success in the competition. I will be using the same corridor as I did before as it is the focal point of the section and is widely accessed by every student.


I intend to link the sixth scene with the first scene as my final scene in order to establish a link between the starting and the ending point. This will complete the journey the girl took and will finally showcase the result of her decisions.





Scene Details: Scene 6

This scene depicts the writing competition. The main character will compete with others in a career defining writing competition. I will use close ups to capture the anxiety and worry on the character’s face.


Scene Details: Scene 4

This scene will show how the girl will fail a writing exam which will cause her to doubt her abilities. This is an important scene as she tries to overcome her fear of failing regardless of what she scored in a mere test.


Idea 1

This is my  rough draft of the first story board that I made to clear the scenes in my mind. It briefly portrays the major scenes in my film and describes my story. I will be adding details to every scene to make it look more precise.


Location: Notice Board

One of my scenes introduces the girl to the writing competition. I will be using the main notice board in  the corridor to present the information regarding the competition as the the corridor is widely accessed and contains all the information regarding events and competitions.

I intend to use wide shots coupled with some mid shots to capture the expressions of the people reading the information on the board.