Voice Over

Content 2

I realized that my previous content for voice over was too poetic and dramatic and that i needed another voice over which was at a same level as the content of the video clips. Therefore, I wrote the content all over again in accordance with my scenes.

Following is my second and final voice over:

As I sit here today, I realize that success lies not in the result but in the effort. Being the best is not important. Doing the best is all that matters.

I remember sitting amongst my class fellows. People with unique talents and amazing abilities. I felt belittled and insecure and just far behind their pace. I stood in a queue with a hundred of them standing ahead of me chasing different dreams. But we all had something in common, it was our beginning and my beginning was just not good enough. The numerics and alphabets made me feel incompetent and I needed a break.

Richard Bach once said, “A professional writer is an amateur who did not quit”. And I…I was not willing to quit. I was adamant to achieve success and so I went on to seek inspiration. The tranquility of nature revived my soul and moved me forward. I could feel the air clean my inner self from anxiety and stress.

Regardless of my class performance, I am glad I took the opportunity when it struck. For it did not strike often. This was my chance. A chance that would define my future. After all this was the dream I aspired to live. To become a writer with an ability to breathe life into paper and make people sob into their hands in the middle of nowhere.

There were two extremes that lay before me and I had to make a decision. The collection of my writings, opinions and thoughts just seemed to outweigh my failed test and I finally knew what I had to do. Today, I am happy I did not let a mere grade confine me from pursuing my dream. I did not let it define my abilities. I believed in myself and had faith.

My faith relieved me from the fear of likely consequences. Win or lose did not matter to me anymore. At least i tried. I realized failure was just a step ahead from where I was then. But I learned my lesson. What you require to succeed in life is patience and a will to try. For when it dies, a dream dies with it.


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