Voice Over

Content 1:

This is the initial voice over that I chose from a Facebook post by the page  The Scribbled Stories.  The poetic structure of the writing is what inspired me the most.

Have you known for a long time now how you can breathe life into a paper when you hold a pen in your hand? Or how your words can make people sob into their hands in the middle of nowhere, or how you can make hundreds of people rise into a rebellion with a simple twitch of your wand that many people like to call a pen? But when you got an opportunity to finally showcase your talent, you thought aren’t there a hundred people better than me? When you lost one competition to a girl years older than you, at the same time you lost all your enthusiasm to participate in any other. When the time came to express yourself in the class, you immediately stepped back thinking of the humiliation you’d face in front of your friends.
Where is the problem you think? What went wrong, you wonder? What should I do, you ask? The only problem that came in the way, the only thing that went wrong when you were more than capable was that you forgot to take yourself seriously. Even when you knew about your abilities, your capabilities to work hard, you backed off and made way for someone who wasn’t as good as you because you were too busy thinking of the consequences that would arise in case you fail.
Because you were too afraid of failure, and while you were thinking all about it, the one thing that slipped from your mind is that failure is still a step ahead from where you are now. Not everyone is as gifted as you. Not everyone has had a blessing cast upon him, to be as good at something as you are. Not everyone knows how perfect it is to be what you are. (Nature, bench, school ground)
But then not everybody is afraid of failure. Not everyone thinks about repercussions more than he thinks about success. Start from today. From now. Start taking yourself seriously. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else would? Yes, maybe you aren’t perfect. Maybe you will never be as good as your idol. Maybe you will never see the face of success, and taste a sip of what it feels like. Maybe. But I have got this feeling that you, have gotten a great idea.


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