Important Terms

Pleonastic- Sound which is heightened to create fear, tension, excitement etc

Ambient- Background sounds which are present in the scene e.g. animals, people, weather etc

Selective- Sound which is used to place emphasis on certain things in a scene

Sound Bridge – At the beginning of a new scene the sound is carried over from the end of the old scene

Sound Effects – Sounds which are used to make a psychological impact or place emphasis on certain things in a scene

Score – Music which is played during a scene which can create a certain mood, link two scenes or help add to the plot

Silence – Used to create suspense or get some sort of reaction from the audience

Theme music – Music which is played throughout the movie and is used to develop the narrative and match the theme of the movie

Voice over – The voice of a character which is used to guide or inform the audience but can also mislead them

Synchronous – When a sound matches an action or event on screen and can be used to emphasize it

Asynchronous – When a sound or music does not come from the diegetic reality of the movie

Contrapuntal – Sound which does not match with what is happening on screen and is used to create a different meaning

Diegetic – Sound which is the source is currently coming from someone or something on screen e.g. Characters speaking

Non-Diegetic – Sound which the source does not come from something that is happening on screen e.g. Naration



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