Video Shooting

After thorough planning of scenes through storyboards, I finally decided to start the shooting process. With all the research and planning, rough drafts and video structures available, the shooting process took no longer than two weeks. The only problem that I faced while shooting was the unavailability of my main character for some of the scenes due to her tough art schedule. This resulted in postponement of certain shots. However, i still managed to complete the shooting process in time so that I could start with the editing. Here are some of the pictures of the video shooting process:

The pictures below are from the shooting of the second scene from the class room. I tried fitting the students in the frame so that i could capture the scene while I panned my camera from right to left.

The following pictures are from the fourth scene shot in the school corridor. Initially I tried adjusting the camera such that i could fit in frame all the students who walked in to read the poster on the notice board. Secondly, i tried to capture a close up of the poster so that i could reveal to my audience what the characters are so passionately looking at.



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