Short film of similar genre

Here are the screenshots of the short films that I watched in context with research and planning for my film.

Too quick to judge is a short film that revolves around a girl who can not hear. While she is sitting on the bench, sketching dresses, a young boy sits next to her and compliments her drawing skills. Compelled by her inability to hear, the girl does not respond to which the boys feels offended and leaves. She later realizes about how he tried talking but she did not respond. She leaves behind the paper she had been sketching on with a small note. The boy comes back from his run and finds the paper laying on the bench. He realizes about how he was too quick to judge.

The short film is almost 4 minutes long and is based in a park. Mid shots have been used frequently which inform the audience about the surroundings of the characters. Two characters have been used. The story unfolds gradually maintaining the interest of the viewer.

I aim to use the camera angles used in this film: wide shot, mid shot and close up. Moreover, i would like to integrate nature in form of green trees as it has been done in this short film.

Below is the video’s link:


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