Camera angle

Potter is an Indian award winning inspirational short film which portrays the relationship between parents and children with the use of various emotions and feelings. A combination of camera angles have been used which adds the sense of verisimilitude to the film.  Below is a screenshot of a scene from the film. The camera angle tells us about the dominance of the main character as it is a low angle. The effect of sunlight in the background brought life to the film and this is what i intend to use in my short film.

Different camera shots have also been used including mid shot, close up, wide shot, establishing shot. The variety of shots has made it easier to familiarize with the various emotions reflected in the film. It serves to gain the attention of the audience.

The color palette used is mainly shades of brown and off white. The two colors go in contrast; thus, they make the film more appealing to the eyes of the viewer.

The number of characters is limited and the world has been shown from two aspects: a father’s dream and the daughter’s accomplishment. The father-daughter love intends to emotionally attach the audience to the film and praise it ultimately.

The message given is simple yet heart touching. The producer has simply portrayed the struggles parents face for their children. It tells the audience about the compromises and the hard work parents do to improve the lives of their children: to provide them what they did not have for themselves.

I intend to use the camera angles and shots used in the film for my short film in order to make my short film more realistic.

Below is the link to the video:


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